ACROSSING project is taking shape

After the first training event that took place in Thessaloniki (Greece), all ESRs and tutors started to establish some dissemination policies for an efficient and efective public engagement and dissemination. The main goals of the dissemination activities are to reach a broader and varied audience and to generate interest into different sectors of the society by providing them the appropiate level of detail. To do so, there will be interesting and constant publications and other dissemination material.

One of these dissemination activies will be the creation of a newsletter that will be periodically circulated, the first of these series of newsletter is ready to be released, inside it you will find some interesting posts and the personal point of view of some of project participants as well as more detailed of the project.

Last but not least some important steps within these dissemination activities has been the creation of the ACROSSING “summary” poster, describing the executive summary and project scope, background and context, and its presentation by the Acrossing project coordinator, Prof. Liming Chen, in the Second European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing (  that took place in Brussels, 5-8 Decemeber of this year, this event gives the ACROSSING project visibility for those entities and people working on the environment of the Active & healthy ageing (EIP on AHA), the largest European community of stakeholders engaged in the development and deployment of innovation for Europe’s ageing and society.