Rich context information for just-in-time adaptive intervention promoting physical activity

F. Cruciani, C. Nugent, I. Cleland, and P. McCullagh, "Rich context information for just-in-time adaptive intervention promoting physical activity," in 39th Annual International Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), to be published. IEEE, 2017.

 Abstract— Sedentary lifestyle and inadequate levels of physi- cal activity represent two serious health risk factors. Neverthe- less, within developed countries, 60% of people aged over 60 are deemed to be sedentary. Consequently, interest in behaviour change is increasing. In particular, the role of emerging mobile apps to facilitate behaviour change has shown promising results. Smart technologies can help in providing rich context informa- tion including an objective assessment of the level of physical activity and information on the emotional and physiological state of the person. Collectively, this can be used to develop innovative persuasive solutions for adaptive behaviour change. Such solutions offer potential in reducing levels of sedentary behaviour. This work presents a study exploring new ways of employing smart technologies to facilitate behaviour change by means of (i) developing a knowledge base on sedentary behaviours and recommended physical activity guidelines, and (ii) a semantic model able to combine information on physical activity, location, and a users diary to develop a context-aware virtual coach with the ability to select the most appropriate behaviour change strategy on a case by case basis.