Towards Self-management of Chronic Diseases in Smart Homes

Title: Towards Self-management of Chronic Diseases in Smart Homes. 

Authors: José G. Teriús-Padrón, Georgios Kapidis, Sarah Fallmann, Erinc Merdivan, Sten Hanke, Rebeca I. García-Betances and María Fernanda Cabrera-Umpiérrez.


We aim to design a modular system that provides self-management of chronic diseases in a Smart Home. The modularity is defined on a per-disease basis with distinctive requirements for each disease model: a set of specifications to describe a disease and a combination of technologies that support them in the Smart Home. In this paper we focus on a use-case related to a patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) living in a smart environment. The proposed solution will provide monitoring of physical exercise through sensors and video, as well as deliver timely feedback about their execution, performance and also environmental conditions that could have an impact on user’s health.


IEEE Internation Conference on Pervasive Computing and Comunication. Workshop: Advanced Technologies for Smarter Assisted Living solutions (SmarterAAL), Athens, Greece

Date: March, 2018